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This site was born out of a need to provide extensive bioinformatic protocols for the use of nanopore sequencing in my current home laboratory. The protocols needed to be well documented and usable by any individual, with a lot or little programming experience, so that they can be passed on to other individuals as required by research needs. In addition, the protocols needed to be accessible from any device, and editable on the fly as research methods are improved or changed. Therefore, Neurobiology.Dev was born.

Privacy Policy

All information contained within Neurobiology.Dev is open source and available to the public. Therefore, while you may edit and contribute to articles here once you have a user account, anything you post or add to Neurobiology.Dev will be openly accessible to anyone on the internet. In accordance with this, please do not include any personal information, patient information, or any otherwise identifiable information that you do not want to be accessible freely across the internet. None of the admins at Neurobiology.Dev will share any information that is hidden on user profiles or on locked pages.

Additionally, any information provided to us through the use of this site is not sold, redistributed, or collected for any other reason. However, keep in mind that, as stated above, any information left within our pages may be accessible from the internet.